How to maintain a long-lasting relationship while both of you are busy with work?

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It is very difficult to maintain relationships when working long hours. I am a lawyer, and I can't do anything every day. Howard is also busying with his company. Sometimes we feel that we can hardly see each other. When we do this, one of us usually has other things happening. I don't remember when we last dating together, and there was no recent chat on the phone.

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But we did not expect that both sides were busy with their work so that even if they lived under the same roof, the heart was at work. Therefore, we have agreed to spend a day/night to do something special, but it will never work. The reality is that when you try to create something for yourself, you have to invest time, sometimes it is the sacrifice of people around you.

If you don't think your partner has spared enough time for you, you have the right to raise it to a problem, and you must be reasonable. They probably don't want to be working every waking time, but if it means helping you get the life you want, then everyone must make a sacrifice.

This is why it is very important to talk about your feelings. Although I am very busy, Howard often feels a little negligent. He left home at 6:30 in the morning, sometimes not until 9:30 in the evening or even later. When he got home, he was preparing for the next day's call, which I found difficult. However, we talk about it publicly so that we can understand each other's sources.

He knows that we don't always see each other and he hates it as much as I do. He understands why I feel frustrated because he is always on the phone, but I also understand that he runs a business, and although he wants to turn it off, he is responsible.

The key to maintaining a relationship when working long hours is also learning to compromise. If Clint has worked 8 days in a row and barely seen me, he will then switch his phone off for a Sunday and spend the day with me. We’ll go out and do something fun or even just stay indoors and do some housework together. My compromise is being flexible with plans and not ALWAYS getting annoyed when he’s working.

We do our best to make time for each other but sometimes it seems like whenever he is free, I am busy and vice versa. But, just because he has to work late unexpectedly and plans have had to change last minute doesn’t mean that my life has to go on hold.

I took advantage of the extra time for myself, whether it was working through my office, shopping, or just spending a little time. When you feel that you don't often see people you like, even if you live together, as long as you work hard together to enjoy the good times, and you are understanding another person's position, management is much easier.

Maintaining a long-lasting marriage requires wisdom. Fortunately, I have this wisdom. If you have encountered similar problems and don't know how to deal with your gradual relationship, sit down and talk, talk about each other's ideas, you will be very rewarding.