What is the top lie that rich men dating would like to say?

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I remember it was like yesterday, even though it was three years ago. We met on a free dating sites after I noticed his profile and sent him a message. His face is a photo of him drinking wine. He looks kind and a little fat. It looks lovely. I think it's about 40.

While I usually don't pay much attention to height - I've dated tall and average-tall men - I prefer to date men who are at least as tall as me when I'm wearing high heels. So I was pleased when I noticed on his profile that he was 5’9”.

The problem with lying about your appearance to your date is that it doesn't take much to get the secret out. When my date showed up, he could barely see the burrito order at the counter (he was close to 5’0” than 5’9”), and it was clear he was lying about his height. I was not very happy about the date, but rather disappointed.

And yet, people lie to their dates all the time. BodyLogicMD, a Network of Physicians Specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) surveyed 1,320 single people and found that bending the truth is actually more common than we think.

“For single people on the quest for love, telling the truth to date can sometimes be easier said than done. The decision not to be honest about one thing or another typically starts as a form of self-protection but can quickly evolve into a destructive tendency,” says the surveys authors.

Men and women are the most likely to lie about the number of sexual partners they have, and with good reason, the survey found. There's a lot of stigma around sex. Perhaps because they were afraid to admit a figure they thought was too high, or because they were ashamed to be seen as "inexperienced," respondents were largely afraid to come clean about their sexual history. Women were also more likely to lie about their weight (28 percent) and life status (34 percent), while men were more concerned about being honest about their income (41.5 percent of men said they had lied about their income).

Although the survey found that three out of four people have lied on a date, honesty is still the best policy. In the end, lies do get crushed by reality.

Even if you can keep playing this trick. But really, lasting relationships are built on honesty and trust. If you're on the Internet because you really want to meet someone, why would you risk a relationship based on a lie? Even if it's an online rich site for wealthy people seeking love, you should be more honest.

When you meet the right person, bring out the best in him/her. But remember, the best part is not your fantasy, it's your reality. Because a person who really likes you and loves you won't change their opinion of you just because of external factors. On the contrary, if you start lying to her, you will leave a bad impression.