Who should come up with the first date ideal? Man or woman?

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When it comes to dating, traditional dating is old school. Just as people have changed the way they look for partners, more and more people are choosing to find romantic love on dating sites for millionaires. Therefore, the idea of a first date should be different from the past. No more drinking a coffee, feeding pigeons in the park, or watching a movie.

Traditionally, men ask women out always planning the first date. Take your grandparents. Introduced by a friend, he asked her out and planned his first date alone. It could be dinner, dancing or going to the movies. That was how dating worked back then -- but what about today?

If first dates aren't traditional, should their plans be? Who should propose the first date ideal, a man or a woman? Well, it depends on whom you ask -- everyone seems to have different opinions. I interviewed several couples around me who met and got married through online dating apps, and they gave the following advice:

What are men thinking:

"I prefer to let the girl choose the place she likes."

A lot of men want a woman to decide where to go on a first date because it makes her feel more relaxed and makes the conversation easier. Because for them, if it's a dinner date, they're afraid of choosing a restaurant that woman doesn't like. However, if it is a date going to a movie, people worry that she may not like the same type of movie. Therefore, they would rather let her choose."

"She'll have a better idea than I do. "

Many men prefer to let a girl choose, believing that she will have more ideas and creativity about the conference, and bring him surprises.

However, for many women, if a man lets them decide on a first date, it may make them feel that he doesn't have the courage to choose a place and plan a date. Or worse, he doesn't care where they go or what they do.

What are women thinking:

"It's exciting to let others choose where you want to go."

Girls look forward to the first date as much as boys do, they are eager for the surprise of the first date. It doesn't need to be a special gift, just the way he shows up will make them think you've prepared for the date.

"I don't want to go somewhere too expensive in case he wants to pay."

Most girls on the first date will tend to choose a medium restaurant for dinner, which is neither too low nor too expensive.

Many women panic when asked to choose a date place. The problem is, if he asks her out, he probably wants to pay -- which means it's important to find a place that's not too expensive. However, it still needs a nice romantic place, otherwise, he may think she doesn't like him. This is a difficult question and it takes a lot of thinking to get it right.

Many women prefer men to choose a date spot because it's more exciting. When a man asks a girl to choose a place for a date, the girl may not have much interest in the date, or even get bored.

As you can see, everyone has different opinions when it comes to who should bring up the idea of a first date. For a traditional first date, the man should choose the place and plan the date. However, when it comes to less traditional dates, it's up to both parties to decide who should bring up the idea of a first date.

As a woman, I tend to let men choose the first date.

I also like other girls hope he can bring me a different surprise. I wish he had more ideas about how to schedule a first date, no matter what, but at least he liked me and took the time to get to know me. Of course, I'm willing to take the initiative to plan a second date.